We provide the following services:

Financial Advisory Services: Leveraging the consummate  project experience of its pool of consultants, Savvi provides bespoke financial advisory services to a wide range of clientele both in the public and private sectors, cutting across all industry vectors.

Mergers and Acquisition & Privatization: Provision of rationale/pre-merger advisory, execution of mergers/acquisitions and post-acquisition restructuring/re-modeling as well as assisting with overall acquisition strategies both in Nigeria and other African markets. Ours services cover target sourcing,  enterprise business valuations,  bidding assistance/price negotiations, due diligence and documentation as well as deal completion. We also help our clients acquire businesses under Nigeria's privatization process.

Strategy Development: Savvi helps clients to design appropriate winning corporate, business/competitive and functional strategies aimed at imbuing clients with sustainable competitive advantage in the industries they operate.

Business Modelling and Business Plan Development: We assist entrepreneurs, start ups and mature businesses in developing bankable business plans, models and strategies that will position them for success in the markets they operate.

International Trade Consulting, Regional & International Expansion:  Savvi has over the years developed a rich network in the African market with influential allies in key frontier markets. Our firm works with its clients to successfully enter new regional, continental and international markets and helps them settle in for successful operations.

Group Integration: We help diversified and diversifying groups to develop operating models and structures leveraging best practices in the management of conglomerates. Our key people have worked with some of the most prominent groups or conglomerates  in Nigeria in this respect.

Institutionalization: Our firm works with start-ups, new or informally organized businesses to create sustainable and enduring institutions. This covers formalization of business management and structures, institution of best practices in corporate governance, leadership development and succession planning.

Fund Raising: We support companies in raising funds (both debt and equity) for their businesses. Our key team members have consummate experience in raising funds via various deal structures including private offers, private placements, public offers, syndications, etc. This service is limited only to companies that satisfy our defined criteria for fund raising assistance.


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